The Boys have well wishes for the Van Camps, as they’re hoping for the healthy arrival of Baby Van Camp. President Joe Biden spoke Thursday about his plan to battle COVID, and his intent to implement vaccine mandates for federal workers. As expected, the Taliban are terrorizing Afghan citizens, as reports of family torture before beheading are coming out. On the eve of 9/11, Jamie and Scott reflect on the 20th anniversary, and Campus Reform checks into what should be taught about the terror attacks. Dr. Anthony Fauci is a big fan of misleading the public, but Jen Psaki doesn’t think he should be fired for lying to Congress. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says there is no specific terrorism threat to America, but the biggest threat to the country comes from domestic terrorists. The Taliban has not allowed women into their government, but Secretary Antony Blinken is hopeful the Taliban will do the right thing. Ryan Fujitani takes the week off, but the Friday Five will bring us together — Best Together Songs.