M&R are awaiting updates from VC, but they begin by reflecting on 9/11, and the weekend commemorations of the terror attacks. George W. Bush spoke about the dangers of homegrown terrorism, and the insistence that domestic terrorism is the greatest threat to our country. Despite the political and cowardly views on the reality of 9/11, there were some genuine and heartfelt tributes to the heroes of that day. As we were remembering the tragic events of that September day, we also learned new information about those involved. With COVID financial aid flowing freely to state agencies, tracking down where these billions of dollars are going results in a word salad. As the recall election comes to a close in California, Rose McGowan was out campaigning Larry Elder. More children have been killed by gunfire in Chicago than have died from the coronavirus, and Jen Psaki gives her usual spin on employers requiring vaccines for employees. Chris Christie gives his advice for the best practices when it comes to getting people vaccinated, and Dr. Anthony Fauci explains the need for vaccines regardless of natural immunity.