The Boys are happy to announce the birth of Baby Boy Van Camp! President Joe Biden was once again cut off by White House staff during a live feed, and Secretary Antony Blinken showed up for his testimony on Capitol Hill. Joy Reid is going after Nicki Minaj over her position on the coronavirus vaccine, but we have been getting doublespeak since the beginning of the pandemic. Senator Rand Paul took the opportunity to embarrass Secretary Blinken, when asking about the target of the drone strike following the airport bombing. Al Franken may be fondling the idea of a return to politics, Balenciaga is being accused of cultural appropriation for their new pants. General Mark Milley is purported to have given China reassurances the United States would not attack, while President Donald Trump was still in office. Abortions rights activists protested outside Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home, and hypocrisy was on full display at the Met Gala.