M&R were disappointed to see Larry Elder’s gubernatorial campaign come up short in the end, but were glad to see him call for graciousness on the part of his supporters. It’s hard to know the real numbers when it comes to COVID infections and death, especially when hospital workers are on tape colluding to mess with the numbers. More details are coming out about Woodward’s and Costa’s new book, including conversations between General Mark Milley and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Senator Marco Rubio has plenty to say about the allegations from the book, and he has some suggestions for what should happen. Nicki Minaj is in the news after she was attacked by Joy Reid, so Jake Tapper felt the need to ask Dr. Anthony Fauci about possible vaccine side effects. We’re finding out more about the grossly mishandled pullout of Afghanistan, and Secretary Antony Blinken demonstrates how his incompetence may have facilitated the debacle. A California sheriff is refusing to enforce any vaccine mandate that may be implemented, and AOC believes the attention she received from the Met Gala was because of her body.