Markley, van Camp and Robbins | September 2, 2020
MVC&R are not throwing any molotov cocktails, but black bloc rioters in Seattle are, and they start a fire at a police precinct. Attorney General Barr points out if local, state, and federal officials work together there could be peace. Dr. Anthony Fauci assures us a vaccine will get here, while Nancy Pelosi violates lockdown orders so she can get her hair did. MSNBC hot Joy Reid compares Trump supporters to radicalized Muslims, while Omar and Tlaib call on Reid to apologize for here Islamophobic remarks. BLM attacked Graceland with graffiti, and the FBI are investigating someone in a jetpack, spotted flying at 3,000 feet. Gathering in crowds is once again a bad thing, and a restaurant fires a server who told a police detective, “Quit your job,” on his receipt.