Markley, van Camp and Robbins | September 23, 2020
MVC&R have always known that Hunter Biden is a creepy dude, but a new report pretty much confirms it. Hunter received millions from the wife of ex-Moscow mayor, and paid suspects tied to human-trafficking. President Trump thanks Sen. Mitt Romney, after Mitt pledges to proceed with the vote regarding Trump’s replacement for the late Justice Ginsburg. Tucker Carlson airs never-before-seen footage from the Kenosha shooting. Chuck Schumer throws a tantrum in the Senate, and how Piers Morgan helped knock out the internet for an entire town. Dr. Anthony Fauci is optimistic that we will have a vaccine, and a majority of voters credit Trump with bringing back Big Ten football. The city council of Seattle overrides the mayor, and says they will defund the police. Plus, Costco decides to cut the cheese.