MVC&R take another trip in the Wayback Machine, to the times President Joe Biden was campaigning, and saying he was going to , “Shut down the virus.” There are more terrorists in Afghanistan’s government than women, and critics slam the “racist” gorilla-masked woman who launched eggs at Larry Elder. The Secretary of Defense says the Taliban have been “put on notice,” and Afghan journalists were brutally beaten for covering women’s protest. According to the White House, grocery store prices are stable if you remove the food people eat, and AOC says the pro-life bill is “rape culture” against “menstruating persons.” CNN and MSNBC interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci, and neither asked him about the damning COVID-19 documents. People want to be remembered for being kind and generous, rather than wealthy and powerful. Daily COVD cases are up four times since this time last year, and the NAACP is taking the University of Texas to court over the school song.