Math is Hard, Stay ‘Til The End of the Game, and other Random Stuff

My favorite moment from Wednesday night’s mayoral debate in the Alamo Lounge:

At the end of the hour, as people were rushing up to the candidates or talking amongst themselves about what they heard, a gentleman showed me a cocktail napkin, on which he had spent the hour trying working on that “Stolen $100” math problem…

By the way, he also got $100 as the answer.

Whatever you think about Montana’s GOP candidate/bodyslammer, Greg Gianforte, his story does make you wonder about early voting. I love early voting, but it’s a little like leaving a game when the score is so lopsided that you’re sure you know the outcome.

All the smart guys said having Robert Mueller as special counsel would compliment, not complicate, the existing FBI and congressional probes ┬áinto what is probably little or nothing to begin with. Well, today, we learned that the Chaffetz committee, the FBI and Mueller are already fighting over some notes kept by James Comey. Maybe they could play “rock, paper, scissors”.

Here’s a much bigger story, which, naturally, is getting very little play.

Should President Trump have scolded, in public, ┬áNATO heads-of-government about making long-due commitments to the mutual-defense organization? If your answer is no, then what would you say or threaten in private that would yield a better result? Besides which, anything he said in private would’ve leaked out by this evening, anyway…

A new outfit is in charge of the River Walk barges that 97.7% of us will never ride.

Whenever I read about those elaborate “last meals” of condemned inmates, I’m puzzled. I lose my appetite just about anytime I worry or stress about something. So, if I’m about to be executed, I would be in the mood for…nothing, thanks.









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