Mayan Exhibit Arrives at Witte

Your chance to step back in time, and look at Mayan culture and history–without ever having to leave the Alamo City.

It starts Saturday with the opening of a new exhibit at the Witte Museum.

“You can learn what it was like–and is like–to be a Mayan” said the Museum’s Marise McDrmott, who told KTSA News the exhibit includes many interactive features.

“You can have a name in Mayan, you can learn how to work with the glyphs… the Mayan language was just recently decoded. You can learn Mayan math” McDermott said, adding “Everything is written upon. Even a bowl, a vase, or a wall… everything has something on it that’s a glyph–that says something.”

Of course, you can also see all kinds of different Mayan artifacts too.

“One of the artifacts is a ceramic piece that’s considered the most important artifact in Belize” McDermott said.

The exhibit will remain at the Witte through early September.



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