Mayor Blasts Fire Union Boss for Petition Drive

by Elizabeth Ruiz

Mayor Ron Nirenberg is blasting the firefighter union’s petition drive aimed at changing the city charter. Chris Steele, President of the San Antonio Firefighters Association,  is leading the charge to place a cap on the city manager’s salary, make it easier to get citizen referendums on utility rate hikes and prevent the city from suing the union when there’s an impasse in contract negotiations.

“He’s playing these games with a charter petition to really change the form of governance to make it easier for him to manipulate the voters,” Nirenberg said on the Trey Ware Morning Show.

He claims it would destroy the city’s ability to operate effectively.

“In lieu of coming to the table after several years of negotiating, he’s trying to manipulate the city charter,” said Nirenberg.

The mayor says enough is enough.

“He needs to be called out for the fact that he’s holding the entire fire department membership, their families and taxpayers hostage,” Nirenberg stated.



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