McCombs: “Mark’s Gotta Want to Come Here”

It appears there’s a chance the Raiders might move to San Antonio, after all.

In fact, it might be closer than we think.

“We’ve got the program put together here,” Red McCombs told ESPN San Antonio’s THE BLITZ Wednesday afternoon. “I don’t believe they’re going to find anywhere in the United States that can equal what we got put together now.”

“We still gotta get them to want to come here,” he said.

And that might be the biggest hurdle.

“What happened (Tuesday) in Houston was absolutely the greatest thing that could happen to us, short of getting somebody committed to come in here, because that clears the run way to where now he (Raiders owner Mark Davis) can make a decision to come in here, if he wants to.”

McCombs told THE BLITZ that land for a stadium is not an issue because they have multiple options, and corporate entities are already ready to make serious commitments.

“It’s not one of those pie in the sky deals,” he said. “Mark’s gotta want to come here.”

So we continue to wait on Mr. Davis.






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