McDonald’s launching ‘McPlant’ meat-free burger, new crispy chicken sandwich in 2021


(NEW YORK) — Plant-based options continue to sprout up and soon non-meat eaters may be lovin’ it at McDonald’s.

The golden arches, after testing a plant-based burger at several locations in Canada, on Monday announced during a remotely held presentation for investors a preview of the McPlant.

“Informed by those learnings, we have created a delicious burger that will be the first menu option in a plant-based platform,” McDonald’s international president Ian Borden said. “McPlant is crafted exclusively for McDonald’s, by McDonald’s.”

The McPlant, which will be available for restaurants to test next year, contains all the recognizable flavor their customers have come to know and love, the restaurant chain said.

“There are other plant-based burgers out there, but the McPlant delivers our iconic taste in a sink-your-teeth-in (and wipe-your-mouth) kind of sandwich,” McDonald’s said. “It’s made with a juicy, plant-based patty and served on a warm, sesame seed bun with all the classic toppings.”

The global core menu item is ready for markets to adopt the McPlant when the customer demand is there, and McDonald’s expects some to test the burger as early as next year.

“In the same way that McDonald’s does not run its own farms, we will rely on suppliers, the third leg of McDonald’s three-legged, stool for production,” a spokeswoman told ABC News’ Good Morning America.

“In the future, McPlant could extend across a line of plant-based products including burgers, chicken-substitutes and breakfast sandwiches,” Borden added. “When customers are ready for it, we are ready for them.”

Crispy chicken

Popeye’s changed the game when it comes to oversized crispy chicken sandwiches, and McDonald’s is responding in 2021 with a competing option.

“It will be simple, but fantastic — a craveable crispy chicken fillet, topped with crinkle-cut pickles,” the company said.

Earlier this year, McDonald’s spiced up its classic chicken offerings with a limited-time Spicy Chicken McNuggets promotion, and now the brand has assured it will continue to add those hot trending flavors to offerings around the world.

McDonald’s also outlined new digital menus and ordering options and discussed how the company is testing voice-based technology to allow for faster and more accurate ordering, as well as adding express lanes for drive-thru and pick-up orders.

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