McManus Adds Voice to “Bathroom Bill” Opposition

By Pilar Arias

Just say no to a bathroom bill.

That was the message from top Texas law enforcement officers, sexual assault experts, sexual assault survivors and a school district superintendent Tuesday morning at the steps of the state capitol.

San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus was joined by Northside Independent School District Superintendent Brian Woods to show their opposition to any law that would require people use the restroom corresponding to the gender of their birth.

“This bill is impossible to enforce. It takes officers away from more pressing duty, whether responding to an assault, a burglary, drunk drivers or a whole host of other public safety issues,” McManus said during the press conference.

McManus also said he believes lawmakers think they’re solving a problem that doesn’t even exist. He backed up his claims by saying he asked SAPD staff to do some research.

“We found that there were no reported incidents of bathroom assaults by anyone,” McManus said.

As for the NISD stance, Woods doesn’t see a bathroom law as necessary.

“For the kids that go to Northside ISD and for the millions of kids who go to public schools all across our state, this bill will not make them safer,” Woods said.



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