You can have McConnell, McCarthy and McDaniel. Sounds like a St. Louis Browns outfield from the 1930s.

The only reason Republicans will have even a one-seat majority in the US House of Representatives is a guy in New York named Lee Zeldin.

Zeldin was the congressman who won his party’s gubernatorial nomination this year, in a crowded field, and came within a few points of unseating Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, who was running for the first time in her own right after replacing Andrew Cuomo.

Zeldin started out his campaign by beating leukemia, then went on to beat every pundit’s expectations.

He did it by forcing crime, public safety and law-and-order to the top tier of the debate. In so doing, he became the voice of Everyman in the Empire State, and scared the hell out of Hochul. At one point, she asked out loud why it was so important to him.

If you have to ask that, you shouldn’t be governor.

At one point this summer, Zeldin himself was attacked by a crazy, on stage, at a rally.

He’s not charismatic, or great-looking, but he’s earnest, credible and he listened to people.

In the end, New York didn’t choose him for governor, BUT…

…New York added four new GOP congressmen, the most of any state, and that’s despite insanely partisan Gerrymandering from the NY Dems.

Lee Zeldin got more Republicans elected than any of the so-called “leaders” of the Republican party. Their overall majority is the Zeldin seats.

Why don’t they put him in charge?

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