From #MeToo to “Masterpiece Cakeshop”, It’s About Consent

Jeff Brady (left), Eddie Alderete, Jack Riccardi, and Giovanni Marotta


You’ll be seeing celebrity women wearing black a lot more often these days.

To protest sexual assault and harassment in the entertainment industry.

It’s fascinating to watch Hollywood & Co. suddenly grasping the idea that giving one’s consent to what another person wants to do actually matters.

But why are some activities worthy of consent, while others are not?

The black-clad actresses are, rightly, appalled by men with power snapping their fingers and demanding women’s bodies and dignity. No matter how high and mighty the men are, it’s wrong.

Belatedly, they are realizing that the power of consent lies with one’s ability to withhold it. There’s no consent for the slave.

So why can’t these people see how wrong it is for the government to overrule a person’s consent, such as with the Colorado cake baker?

For example, if the Weinsteins of the world are a threat, how much more threatening is a government, which has the power of violent force, and which has trampled consent over and over, past and present?

If we want a culture that values the consent of the individual, we can’t overlook it when governments sanction or pay for abortion, euthanasia, slavery, asset seizure and other oppressive regulatory acts.

Instead of a fashion statement, I’d love to see these women practice, and promote, tolerance for all beliefs. If the cake baker, or any businessman, is discriminating in a way we think harmful, let the punishment be the business he loses. People who disagree with him shop elsewhere. That’s a civil society where we all “vote” our values with our dollars.

You want to know how we get past or out-of this current imbroglio over sexual misconduct? Value consent, promote self-ownership and defend any minority from majority tyranny.

The individual being the ultimate minority.




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