Michael Flynn is Merely The First Of Many Targets

“What did President Trump know and when did he know it?”

The D.C. media love this question with its echo of Watergate, and that’s intentional. Flynn is just the beginning of the island-hopping campaign that culminates with getting rid of Trump.

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Michael Flynn is a Democrat who was appointed, repeatedly, to high-level positions by President Obama. He ran the Defense Intelligence Agency, in fact, which is a huge, vital DOD counterpart to the CIA.  In December and January, while Obama was still in office, Flynn admittedly had discussions with Russian officials, in anticipation of dealing with them in the new, incoming administration. (What did Obama know and when did he know it?) And how did anyone know about these conversations and what was in them? Who spied on Flynn? Who leaked what they knew? Was it the same person or parties who leaked verbatim transcripts of Trump’s phoners with US allies?

More questions you could ask: why did Obama downplay Russia as an geopolitical adversary? Why did he take Russian hacking so lightly, until the election? What did he mean offering Medvedev “more flexibility” after his reelection, in that infamous hot mic moment?

If—big if—Flynn lied to VP-elect Mike Pence about talking or not talking, or what he talked about, then maybe he needed to go. But as for the actual talking with Russians, or others, it’s no big deal.

Well, say the media, who at this point are indistinguishable from the Democrats, he was ‘open to blackmail”. Really? This from the party that nominated and continues to defend the all-time most blackmail-able candidate in history, Hillary Clinton.

You know where else you used to hear the “blackmail” line? Anytime gay people were outed in government, they had to go because they could be “blackmailed”. Shouldn’t we have bleepcanned that premise a long time ago?

Understand this: what they did to Flynn, who is a brilliant patriot, what they would like to do to numerous others leading up to and including Trump himself—this is what you voted against. This is why you elected a guy you weren’t totally sure of, who did things you couldn’t figure out or said things that made you cringe. What you are seeing now from the Democratic media is exactly what you rose up against on November 8th. And they hate you for it.

Problem is, you can’t fire the “Beltway barnacles”, the permanent bureaucracy, filled with left-leaning careerists who stay no matter who the president is, and have no use for Trump.

Who leaked? It’s a long list of suspects. It’s like trying to find the right piece of hay in a haystack. It would be easier to find the needle.

And the media, who again, are mind-melded with the Democrats, are reviving the Watergate vibe, bigly. I’m sure there’s already speculation about who in Hollywood will play Jim Acosta in the movie. Jake Gyllenhaal, it’s obvious.

Who will they target for the next political hit job? Conway? Spicer? Sessions?

Who do they want, ultimately?

You know. You’ve seen this movie before.




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