Monday is an Ozone Action Day in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — An alert from the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District that today is an Ozone Action Day.

We have temperatures expected to break 100 degrees today and tomorrow and that’s creating atmospheric conditions capable of producing high levels of ozone air pollution.

Metro Health is advising that you take some precautions today and tomorrow to help keep air quality levels healthy.

“With the heat and humidity forecast for today and tomorrow, it is important for the community to keep in mind that excessive heat can pose a health threat. Those with respiratory issues can also be impacted by our air quality,” says Dr. Dawn Emerick, Metro Health Director. “Adults over 65, children under 4, and people with existing problems such as heart disease, and those without access to air conditioning are at highest risk.”

Practices such as refueling your vehicles after 6:00 P.M., working from home…but a lot of you are anyway because of COVID-19. If you are going to the office, take your lunch to work so you can avoid those long waits in the drive-thru lanes at lunch-time.

Keeping your vehicle properly tuned will help cut back on emissions as well.

Young children, the elderly, and people with respiratory problems are especially vulnerable to the effects of air pollution so they should limit outdoor activities.

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