TREY’S TAKE: Texas on record-setting pace for inappropriate teacher-student relationships.


So far this year the Texas Education Agency is actively investigating 162 reports of Texas teachers having inappropriate relationships with students between September 1 and May 31.  That’s the 5th straight year in a row of growth for this disgusting statistic.

The most recent to make news was the case of a 24 year-old teacher in the Houston area who allegedly had an “affair” with a 13 year-old 8th grade student.  The relationship is said to have begun after the pair began exchanging social media and or text messages.  The teacher supposedly had sex with the boy daily.  Unbelievably, court documents say his parents knew of and supported the relationship, and invited her to family gatherings.  And as if that weren’t disturbing enough, the teacher allegedly became pregnant with his child and had an abortion once she found out child welfare investigators were checking into the relationship.

Statistics show this is a growing trend.  More teachers are sexually taking advantage of young people than ever.  Why is this number going up?

Some are quick to blame the youth and inexperience of the teachers.  Some of them are in their early 20’s when they meet these students.  The case mentioned above involved a 24 year-old female.

Others say social media is to blame.  With Facebook, Snap chat, twitter, etc., it is easier today for teachers and students to get in and stay in contact with each other.  Once they begin exchanging messages and pictures and the flirting begins, the actual physical contact isn’t that far behind.

There’s no doubt this problem is multifaceted and will require hard work by schools and parents alike to reverse this trend.

When I was a kid a deep booming voice came on the television every night at 9pm saying, “It’s 9 o’clock, do you know where your children are?”  Since we had a 9pm bedtime at the Ware house, my parents knew where my brother, sister, and I were.  Funny how things change.  I didn’t like a 9pm bedtime much back then, but I sure do now.

Maybe we can start reversing this teacher-student sex trend by reusing that old phrase.  Only this time with a bit of a different twist.

“How about – “It’s 9 o’clock, do you know what’s on your child’s phone?”

Think there’s stuff there that shouldn’t be?



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