Morgan’s Wonderland founder donates convalescent plasma to help coronavirus patients

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Local philanthropist and Morgan’s Wonderland founder Gordon Hartman has found yet another way to donate and help the community.  Wednesday, he donated convalescent  plasma to help those who are seriously ill recover from COVID-19.

Hartman told KTSA News he got what he calls a mild case of coronavirus in July.

“I had a really, really bad headache.  I had fever, chills, and basically no energy,” said Hartman.  His heart rate also went up, but he did not require hospital care.

Hartman says when he tested positive, he immediately notified everyone he had come in contact with during the last ten days.

“Getting COVID is one thing, but then wondering if you gave it to anybody else is probably even harder than the virus itself.  It scares you,” said Hartman.

His wife and daughter, Morgan, did not get the virus, but  Morgan’s Wonderland chief operating officer Ron Morander tested positive.  Both have fully recovered, and both donated plasma  rich with antibodies to help others fight COVID-19.

Hartman donated two bags of convalescent plasma at the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center Donor Pavilion.

“The beauty of it is that those two bags can help up to 5 people who are in the hospital with COVID-19, so it was a real opportunity to be a part of something that can help so many people in San Antonio,” said Hartman.

He’s urging others  who have recovered from the virus to donate convalescent plasma.

“If you’ve had COVID-19 and have recovered, please contact our friends at the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center.  They need us, and you can help save lives,” said Hartman.

Morgan’s Wonderland founder Gordon Hartman, Aug. 26, 2020/Photo-South Texas Blood and Tissue Center

You can find out more by visiting or emailing
[email protected]. All donors must contact the center and be screened for COVID19 antibody levels and symptoms before donating. As an incentive to donate convalescent plasma,Carabin Shaw PC and Wyatt Law Firm PLLC are providing $50 gift cards while supplies last.

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