Mother of two gets 45 years for abuse, injury to kids

Defendant Stephanie Jimenez was sentenced today in two cases of Injury to a Child Causing Serious Bodily Injury to two separate children.  She will now spend up to 45 years behind bars.

Almost 10 years ago Jimenez pled guilty to starving a child and sentenced to 20-years.  She was granted 10-years probation.

in 2021, Jimenez called 911 to report her six year old child was not breathing.  The child was dead having been starved to death, weighing only 31-pounds.  An autopsy indicated that the child died as a result of neglect and malnutrition. The child was also extremely dehydrated and had both a kidney infection and pneumonia.

Today in court, Jimenez plea to true to a motion to revoke probation in the original injury case and sentenced to 20-years.

Jimenez also pled guilty to the Injury to a Child case involving the second child, for which she was sentenced to an additional term of 25 years in the state penitentiary.

Because the sentences will run consecutively, or one after another, Jimenez will serve up to 45 years.

“I’m proud that we have invested additional resources in our Family Violence Division and strengthened our office’s efforts to protect our children,” said Bexar County Criminal District Attorney Joe Gonzales, “Our children are the most precious and valuable members of our society and must be nurtured and protected.”

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