▶ Watch Video: More than a dozen tornadoes strike Texas and Oklahoma causing widespread damage to communities

A powerful line of tornadoes tore through Texas and Oklahoma Monday. The storm brought wind, pounding rain, and hail. At least dozens of homes are believed damaged or destroyed.

A twister from that group of storms ravaged Jacksboro, Texas, just as school was about to let out.

Aly Vanderkaay was waiting to pick up her kids when she was rushed inside moments before the building took a direct hit.

“The insulation and the roof was blowing over us, and it was loud and crazy and chaotic,” she told CBS News.

Both the elementary school and the nearby high school suffered heavy damage, just feet from where hundreds were hiding from the storm.

“When I came out and saw the tree like uprooting, that’s powerful,” Vanderkaay said.

The roof of the gym was ripped off while cars in the parking lot were tossed and flipped upside down. No one at either school was hurt but the tornado left a two-mile path of destruction.

The city estimates up to 80 homes were damaged.

“It’s pretty much a miracle that we don’t have any major injuries given the damage that was sustained out there,” the Jacksboro fire chief said.

Williamson County, north of Austin, was already under a disaster declaration because of recent wildfires. The rain was expected to bring some relief to areas that have been hit by devastating wildfires, but potentially troublesome winds could follow.

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