SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — In the small South Arkansas town of Kingsland, they are proud to be the hometown of American Icon Johnny Cash.

But they can also claim to be the hometown of the best shot in Arkansas….and maybe Mississippi.

In the town of 400 residents, there is a giant, 50 thousand gallon water tower featuring a silhouette of the legendary man in black.

But someone has decided Johnny needed some relief and shot the tower, aiming right for Cash’s crotch.

It was a direct hit and now the town has to deal with hundreds of gallons of water streaming from the area of Johnny’s Johnson….and it’s costing a lot of money.

The leak was first noticed early in the morning of May 11.

The Kingsland water office manager got a notification that there was a leak. Initially, she thought it was just a “routine overflow’ but when the sun came up, the damage was quite obvious.

The legendary leak is costing Kingsland about 200 dollars a day and stopping the stream comes with a hefty price tag of $5,000.

This just a few months after the tower underwent a $300,000 refurbishment.

Police are looking for the shooter who will probably not be heading off to Folsom Prison but they will be charged with a felony when they are caught.


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