President Maverick gave the order Wednesday, people! Rarin’ to go! Make my day, Xi!

But those pantywaist generals waited until Saturday.

Sure, I believe that. Just like I believe Sam Brinton’s baggage claim stub.

Let’s break this down. When the balloon crossed over into Alaskan airspace, and again when it entered Montana’s skies, are you telling me you couldn’t bring it down without some calamity? I am not buying their justifications for delay anymore than I am buying anything else they’ve said about the great Spy Balloon Caper of 2023.

You had alllll that time to see it coming, over the ocean, and then you had it over our two most sparsely-populated states, full of white Republican voters, no less. Yet, the Washington Post reports the Pentagon projected 2,000 possible casualties if shot down in Montana. Show the math?

When did you call Beijing, pardner? And what did you say to them? Is there a transcript of the call? The Chinese government called it a “civilian airship”, with which you seemed to agree at first. Then why shoot it down at all? Why did it take sightings by our people on commercial jetliners to disclose the story in the first place?

Did you hope we wouldn’t notice, or were you counting on your bootlicking bros in corporate media to tell us it was just some cool, cultural-exchange thing?

Then you canceled Secretary Blinken’s trip, which seems like a thing you do when it’s serious.

At this moment, we haven’t heard what was on-board the balloon, or what its capabilities were.

One thing the Chinese could clearly see, and the world at large: weakness.

And then…we heard that, no matter what it looks like, all this happened under Trump’s watch too! Who didn’t see THAT coming?

Two thoughts on that: over the weekend, every major national security staffer from Team Trump denied ever hearing of spy balloons overflying our bases, including a number of them who’ve publicly broken with the former president. Are they all lying? Why would they lie? It’s a chance to make the Donald look bad. Second, is it possible that the Pentagon bureaucracy saw balloons and decided not to tell the political appointees of President Trump? There’s a good look for our republic!

By the time we splashed this thing in the waters off the Carolinas, all we had for sure were more questions.

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