Nat-Sec. Republicans: Don’t Vote For Our Nominee

In case you didn’t know, some leading Republicans want to make sure you do not vote for the Republican candidate for president.

You know, the one who crushed it in their primaries? Yeah, the guy their convention nominated?

Don’t. Vote. For. Him.

The latest emphatic public service announcement just came down from “50 high-profile Republican foreign policy and national security experts” who’ve signed a group letter pledging not to vote for you-know-who.

Big media coverage on this one, from media who have never, ever, ever, ever, ever cared about the opinions of “high-profile Republican foreign policy and national security experts”. Until now.

Now, they’re like the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Finally, these GOP bow-tied nerds are the cool kids!

Am I the only one noticing something here? When they predict the “the most reckless President in American history”, I thought they were referring to the candidate who spilled classified secrets across an unauthorized private email server and lied about it.

Who presided over the disintegration of our Iraq strategy, leading to the emergence of ISIS.

Who morally equates Israel self-defense with Palestinian terrorism.

Who set the stage for, and will uphold, the Iran nuclear deal.

Who, for four years, got rolled more often than the old Suzuki Samurai.

When they said this person lacks “character”, I was sure I knew who they meant.

But it wasn’t her after all.

It’s a free country, but it’s odd to write a letter that so perfectly fits Hillary Clinton’s actual performance, and then apply it to Donald Trump, whose foreign policy conduct is entirely hypothetical.

“Put at risk our country’s national security”? Clinton did. Trump hasn’t had the chance.

“Unable to separate truth from falsehood”? That’s our girl!

“Cannot tolerate personal criticism”? OK, that’s both of ’em.

Just my two cents.



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