NBA TV Ratings Falling This Season

Television ratings for the NBA are down by 15 percent this year. Only a handful of teams are drawing the same numbers as last year. Even the Spurs ratings have dropped. Significantly.

So what’s the cause of the silver and blacks 40 percent drop in viewers? ESPN San Antonio’s Jason Minnix says there are a number of factors. First, the time of the season. Typically Spurs ratings drop in the middle of the year but they rebound once the playoff’s come around.

He says a lot of people think Duncan’s retirement and Coach Pop’s political comments have kept people away. While he does believe that’s part of it, the Spurs loyal fans will be there for the team.

As far as ratings dropping league wide, Minnix credits the dominance of the Warriors and Cavaliers. He says it’s likely those two teams will be in the finals again this year so a lot of viewers feel their teams have no chance so they aren’t tuning in.



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