She Needs Serious Attention, But Not Ours

Can we please leave Kathy Griffin alone? Maybe on an island?

I say this not in defense of her, but because I know her type: they thrive on all the sturm und drang, even the comments and retweets.

She needs professional help, so unless you’re the right kind of professional, you can’t help her.

Oh, and I think we can safely assume the U.S. Secret Service knows its job, if there is one here. without 47,822 Facebook users suggesting they investigate.

As to her photo shoot and virtually-immediate “apology”, it feels like different pages of the same script. I mean, she has to do something to get her picture taken. She’s not pin-up material by herself.

You are being trolled, heavily. Your indignation is delicious to this D-list hack and her ilk. Given the low reading on her talent dipstick, if she couldn’t get negative publicity, she wouldn’t get any at all.

What more needs to be said about simulating another human being’s beheading, for laughs? If we even have to explain why this isn’t ok, the terrorists have already won.

So, no more feeding the beast of her desperation. No more “what about the time people blah-blah-about-Obama-blah blah?” No more wondering about her future with Anderson Cooper. He’s a smart guy. This is already being handled.

Celebrating a beheading puts you outside the circle of civilized people. Period. Not because he’s the president. But because he’s a human being.

Repeatedly going to the gutter so you can lap up a few more drops of attention while your 15 minutes of fame runs out?

That makes you Kathy Griffin. Ask your doctor.



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