I swear this guy just tried TOO hard.

A country-club dining room manager in Virginia is being slammed for his special menu for his 9/11 Seafood Sunday…featuring:

“Flight 93 Redirect” crab dip

“2977 Chowder with crab and corn

“”First Responder Flat Bread loaded with tender shrimp


“Remember-Tinis with key lime, rum, etc. etc.”

Someone got him to take down the post, but screenshots went viral. “My intention was to bring attention to that horrible day…to honor those who lost so much as well as those who gave everything that day”

Then these fateful words:

“We will have a new theme instead”.

Nope. No. No theme required. Thank you, really, but no.

This story reminds me of all those times someone in a corporate or school cafeteria thought it was fitting to honor Juneteenth with watermelon or fried chicken.

I don’t think people do this stuff with malice, but it’s one thing to “say it with flowers”.

You can’t always say it with food. It’s like talking with your mouth full.

People won’t understand.

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