New Blog: The NFL Has Become The Great Divider

The NFL has stepped into it big time.

The radical left has been attacking football and the NFL for years because it truly is, or was, America’s pastime.

The NFL was Red, White, and Blue to the core, (just look at their logo), and the radical left hated it. It made them puke after every snap to think Americans were together – united.

For three hours on Sunday afternoon or Monday night Americans put aside their differences, and came together to honor the flag and watch some very talented athletes.

And we were together. The only thing that separated us was the jersey our team wore.

We supported our teams with our dollars too. We bought jerseys, caps, cups, key chains, and tickets to games.

We watched every game on  television which gave the league and teams the eyeballs they needed to sell big money advertisers.

In fact, the ads became more popular than the game itself during the Super Bowl. Most people don’t talk much about the big game, but they sure remember those greats ads.

The NFL brought us together.

White, black, brown.

Left, right, middle.

Even people who didn’t particularly care about football would watch because it was what we did. How many Super Bowl parties have you been to where half the crowd wasn’t even watching the game?

At our core Americans have a need to be united. That doesn’t mean we don’t have differences, but we have a sense that we need each other to make this thing called the USA work, and NFL football was the great uniter.

The NFL even helped us heal after 9/11. Remember the team won the Super Bowl that year? Look it up.

But the radical left can’t stand it when we are united. So, years ago the NFL made a decision to try and placate the radical left football haters by giving in to their ridiculous demands. That’s when the NFL, under self-proclaimed “not a football guy” Roger Goodell, began to allow themselves to be used to promote the radical left’s social justice message.

The NFL decided to make a deal with the devil.

In their infinite wisdom, Goodell and crew must have decided that if they were to give a nod to the radical left, and promote some of their causes and agenda they would be able to calm them down.


There is no calming the radical left. Whatever inch you give them they will always demand another mile. You cannot satiate the hate America appetite of the radical left no matter how much ground you give up.

When the kneeling thing began the NFL could’ve said, “Nope fellas, it’s our league policy you stand during the honoring of America.” Instead, they figured they would give another inch to the radical left in their continuing effort to keep the peace.

“We support your right to kneel,” the head honcho said.

Boom, separation complete. The wedge is firmly in place, and the NFL is in a bind I’m not too sure they will be able to get out of.

Sponsors are reviewing their NFL advertising plans, Nielson says ratings are down by double digits, lawmakers are looking at cutting off taxpayer funds to stadiums, polling shows majorities of Americans want players to stand, and worst of all, die-hard league fans are burning their team jerseys.

So, now what NFL?

If you continue on the path you are on your ratings, revenue, and merchandise sales will continue to tank.

However, if you go back and refuse to protest, you will get killed in the radical left media.

I’m watching football on Saturdays more than ever now, and man do I feel a sense of being united with all those young people having fun and playing their hearts out for the love of the game! Not for a paycheck or a radical leftist agenda.


I am optimistic America can be united again. We will because we must. We always have.

Oh, and I hope Pop and the NBA are paying attention.



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