SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A New Hampshire woman won her fight with the state to keep her vanity license plate.

Wendy Auger received a letter from the state Department of Motor Vehicles recently. They told her she must surrender her 15-year-old plate because it is forbidden to use phrases involving bodily functions. The plate reads…..”P-B-4-WE-GO.”

She posted her dilemma on Facebook saying “talking about peeing isn’t offensive.”

Besides, she’s had that plate for 15 years.

The state was being a party pooper and told Auger that the New Hampshire Supreme Court voted to change the rules a few years ago.

But in the end, Auger won her fight to talk about….number 1.

She received a message from New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu telling her they are going to move forward, and let her keep her plates.

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