SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Some new innovations are making shopping at San Antonio area Wal-Mart stores much more convenient.

According to the company, there are currently, more than 300 Texas stores offering grocery pickup and nearly 100 stores are equipped with a Pickup Tower.

Wal-Mart’s Anne Hatfield says that’s not all they’re doing.

“It’s about convenience and saving time because that is so important to customers. So the help make it a quicker experience, we’ve started a feature called Check Out With Me. Shoppers can skip the checkout by going up to an associate wearing the Check Out With Me sash. They can scan your items, run your debit or credit card, print our a receipt and get you on your way in a short amount of time.”

behind the scenes, Wal-Mart is bringing something called the FAST Unloader into it’s Texas locations. It automatically scans and sorts items off trucks, based on priority and department. This allows associates to spend less time unloading in the back room and more time on the sales floor with customers.

The New Braunfels Walmart Supercenter is among 71 stores across Texas testing the FAST technology.

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