New Poetry Collection By Sean Rima!


I have a new collection available today, but first, a bit of history.

For me, the most important year of my life was 2001.

Two things happened in 2001 that would forever change my life: The birth of my daughter, Avery, and the horrors of September 11th.

In my own weird way, I have spent the past 17 years trying to figure out who I am as a result of these two events. The journey of it has carried me across four state lines, two marriages, seven radio stations, a handful of victories, and countless bad choices. I can tell you I have learned much more from my bad choices than I ever did from my victories.

As such, this is a slightly different edit of my poems than I have published before, primarily because this book was designed specifically for my daughter. As her dad, I am a little squeamish about some of the things she will learn about me as a result of reading these poems, but a certain amount of honesty was necessary to the piece, as I wanted my kid to understand my life with all it’s imperfections and screw-ups. In this way, I hope she will learn from my bad choices, and take the wisdom of it along with her in her pack as she begins the next chapter of her own journey next year.

And so, “Objects In Mirror” begins with my daughter’s birth, and ends with her taking her bows a couple of weeks ago, after performing in her first lead role as an actress. Both represent the proudest moments of my life.

As an artist, I believe this is the best book of poems I have ever put together, and by ‘best,’ I only mean that within these pages, there lives the best, most honest representation of who I am as a poet.

I hope it speaks to you, if you should decide to pick up a copy.

You can check it out at this link:

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s



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