New Push to Curb Underage Drinking

San Antonio’s Public Safety Committee takes a look at a new ordinance Wednesday.

It’s called the Social Host Accountability Ordinance, something inspired by a non-profit for use by police.

“What they discovered is that often times when (police) are breaking up parties, often times, they are finding minors who are drinking that are underage and they can cite those minors, but what they can’t do is they can’t hold responsible the adults who are putting these parties on and allowing the underage drinking to happen,” Councilman Rey Saldana said.

He said this ordinance would change that, so that officers can hold the property owners accountable.

It was a surprise to Saldana that this wasn’t on the book already.

“You could not be cited today if you’re an adult who was having a party and knowingly serving alcohol to minors,” he said. “The only people that could be cited by SAPD are those minors.”

With this ordinance, if passed by the City Council, that’d change.



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