An All New Twist To NFL Player Protests Emerged Yesterday

Looks like things are changing for NFL players who protest the United States of America.

Everyone knows the original protests began last year when a QB for a California team decided to publicly take a knee during the National Anthem.

He instantly became a folk hero among the extreme left. He also is out of a job, for now.

Since then a few others have copied him and attempted to carry on his protest. The league apparently approved because not only did they not do anything to stop the protests, they allowed the TV networks to focus on the protests. Throughout the game the networks would show video of the pre-game knee taking protests while the announcers went on and on about the players who were showing great bravery.  It is clear the reason they kept discussing it throughout the game was they know some viewers tune in later and miss the protests.

At least one player has decided no one will miss his protests. So now not only does he sit during the National Anthem he has taken his protest on the field.  He raises his fist in the black power salute after certain plays.

You can read the story here if you want.

So, if you thought you could tune in after the game started and miss the player’s political protests you’re wrong.

There is another way. Just not watch at all.

Are you glad or mad these NFL players will now extend their protests to on field plays? Will this help or hurt the NFL and their TV ratings?



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