New TX Push for Constitutional Convention

Another push for a “Constitutional Convention of the States”… from Texas.

Three State Lawmakers–Senators Brian Birdwell and Rick Miller, and State Representative Phil King have filed measures for the Legislature to consider in it’s Session next year.

“Simply put, the Federal Government is out of control and must be reined in–and many States are looking to Texas to lead on this issue” said Senator Miller.

Those thoughts clearly were echoed by Senator Birdwell.

“For years, too many in our deeply entrenched Federal Government have willfully ignored the citizens they represent, essentially dissolving the Founder’s originally-intended balance of power” Birdwell said.

The push is being led in the Texas House by King, who said “Now is the time for the Legislature to establish a process for selecting its Convention Delegates, and I’m proud of the steps we are seeking to put in place.”

Governor Greg Abbott has been urging the Legislature to take such steps for months.

“This is the kind of issue Texas should be leading on, not following on” the Governor said in a speech earlier this year, adding “We’re the ones who fight back against the Federal Government. We’re the ones who lead the charge nationally for setting the course of the direction of the future of this nation.”

In a statement, Lieutenant-Governor Dan Patrick–who presides over the Texas Senate–has thrown his support behind the push.

Texas would be the eighth State to join such a call. It’s not clear if there would be enough States that get behind the push to actually see a Constitutional Convention called.



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