Newsflash: The Russians Are Up To All Kinds of Things, Skippy

It’s adorable to find lefties suddenly…awakened…to the Russkies.

For once in their lives, they see value in some good ole’ Evil Empire talk. You could never get them to believe KGB fingerprints on far-left parties and movements all around the world, but now they’re ready to latch onto any alternative explanation for their 2016 shortcomings.

First the “KGB”. What next, KAOS?

Unlike the confusion of the American left over America’s role in the world, the Russians have no such confusion. They see Russia as a great power, a keeper of the world order, a defender of Judeo-Christian culture and the nemesis of unity efforts like NATO and the EU. I didn’t say they were those things. It’s what they think.

Sooo, did they try to wreak havoc on our election? Probably. Have they done it before, and are they doing it elsewhere in Europe? Why wouldn’t they?

I doubt their mission was to influence the outcome of the election, but to cast doubt over its legitimacy or reliability. If so, mission accomplished, with the help of what Lenin, or someone, once called “useful idiots”.

Item: Another underwhelming Democratic aspirant, Ted Kennedy, explicitly sought Kremlin help in running against Reagan in 1984. Guess which currently-dyspeptic group has never, ever cared about that?

Item: The Clinton administration (the one from the ’90s) made no secret of its preference for Boris Yeltsin in the post-revolutionary period. The Obama White House spent taxpayer money and political capital to try unsuccessfully to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Item: You don’t “hack an election”. You can hack into voting machines, except that  no one’s showing evidence of that. Or you can hack into the “software” of an election, i.e the DNC’s disgusting internal emails. Their fuming over the violation of their privacy is a false flag to distract us from how awful the emails were. Heads should be rolling left and right over at the Party of Tolerance. Or at least one would think. Wikileaks published the leaks, and denied Russia was its source.

Item: The Democrats’ delightful 2016 candidate couldn’t be bothered to go to Wisconsin, spent copious time in reliable red states instead of strenghtening the “Blue Wall” in the Midwest, called millions of voters “deplorable”, tried unsuccessfully to cover up her poor health, ran a shrill, joyless campaign and couldn’t be trusted as far as you could throw her.

Item: The CIA, under its DNC-hack director, has been accused for years of cooking intel for President Obama’s political prestige. Now media reports citing “anonymous sources” at the CIA claim they know the Russians did the hacking. Instead of asking the journalist’s obvious questions of what is the CIA doing here, and for whom are they doing it, the media expands its self-fulfilling version of events: Hillary just couldn’t have lost, unless she wuz robbed!

Item: Russian and Chinese hacking has been rampant for years. If they got away with something in 2016, where has this administration been in thwarting them sooner? Why does it matter only now?

Item: President Obama mocked Trump’s handwringing about a “rigged” election by calling it the sound of a “guy who knows he’s going to lose”. Now, it’s cool to ponder aloud the “rigging”.

Item: Meanwhile, you’ve got an incoming president openly doubting his own intel agencies. Whee!

Let’s end where we started: If Russia seeks the damage and destablization of its primary global foe, the work is going very well, indeed.



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