Nice Attack: Terrorism By Truck

Some anti-gun folks recently started saying they don’t want prayers and “good thoughts” for victims of mass shootings, because what they really want are gun laws.

Well, to borrow a page from ’em, it’s past time to give speeches, sign guest books, place bouquets and overlay the French tricolor on our profile pics? Istanbul airport, Orlando, Brussels, Paris, San Bernadino, Charlie Hebdo, Chattanooga….clearly, to the enemy, we’re not responding at all.

They behead us, they kill an ambassador, and we hear bromides about “the wrong side of history” and “bring them to justice”. We can’t detain because it helps in their recruitment. We can’t name them because “it’s what they want”.

Now, on the French equivalent of our July 4, they get hit by a terror truck, as families were celebrating fireworks. My daughter saw the news update and asked THE question we should all be asking:


I gave her the synopsis. “Why does it keep happening in France?”, she asks.

I explain what France has allowed to happen inside its borders, and how they are our oldest ally, having actually helped us secure the independence we celebrated ten days ago. She shakes her head in disgust and frustration.

She is 11. Her generation will be dealing with this after we’re gone.

Even now, the talking points are being written: the surge in attacks like Nice means ISIS is losing. Desperation? Tell it to the survivors.

Everyone remembers when Neville Chamberlain, Britain’s P.M., flew back from Munich brandishing his hollow accord with Hitler: “Peace in our time”. Often forgotten is what Winston Churchill, who would shortly replace him, said to Chamberlain:

“You had to choose between dishonor and war. You have chosen dishonor and we shall have war.”

While we reel from another blow, this time in the south of France, and the usual words are again going to be spoken, it feels like we are making such a choice, or having it made for us.

The men and women of our military and intelligence services are straining on the leash to go after the wagers of jihad. Who will give the orders and when? In the meantime, spare me your pious lectures and vigils.

It’s Western civilization versus the barbarism of 14 centuries.

If you don’t want to bring the full weight of our power and capability to bear on it, then get out of the way. We don’t need your “good thoughts”.

Eleven-year-olds everywhere are counting on us.



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