Nirenberg Focuses on Safety, Transportation During KTSA Visit

By Elizabeth Ruiz

From crime to transportation and more–San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg touched on a very full plate during a visit to the Alamo Lounge Wednesday morning.

“My first priority as a Mayor is to make sure that we live in a safe community” Nirenberg told KTSA’s Trey Ware during their one on one session, sharing his concern about what has been a growing violent crime rate.

“The real difference is the availability of street drugs that are synthetic, that are cheap… that are made in people’s homes” the Mayor said when asked why violent crime continues to rise in the Alamo City, specifically mentioning methamphetamines, cannabinoids and opioids.

Nirenberg also said he’s focused on improving transportation options around San Antonio–and he sees a future for expanded mass transit.

“If we’re going to be a city hat has a strong economy in the future, and that people want to live here, stay here and want to raise their families here… we have to plan for a modern transportation system that includes mass transit” the Mayor said, signaling his support for light rail.

“If it’s voter-approved yes… we’re not going to do it unless it’s voter-approved” Nirenberg said, also admitting the expansion–or construction of a new airport could be a possibility as well.

“We’re putting together a committee that’s headed by one of the cyber security experts here in town that is going to address the issue of where is our best investment going to be over the next fifty years” Nirenberg said.



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