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No More Moving The Goalposts


I take it as a compliment when people say this show has a calming effect on them.

Right now, I’m aiming for more of an alarming effect.

I understand why we turned off a three-year booming economy. One with a 30,000 Dow, record high employment-rate, wage gains, the envy of the world. Turned it off.

Precisely because we are NOT the greedy capitalists of our detractors’ descriptions. Precisely because we value SAVING lives. And did.

It’s interesting to note: we shut it down based on models, not cases. Nothing had yet happened. It looks like the models were off, too.

Economic destruction—that’s actually happening.

Now, I want to talk about saving livelihoods. About the dream and dignity of a business you built. The fruits of sacrifices you made. A job you are good at.

Don’t talk to me about “two more weeks” or our “Pearl Harbor” moment with this virus. We fought back—fought back, literally, during the Pearl Harbor attack, and every day after for four years. We were bombing the capital of the country that attacked us five months later.

No more moving the goalposts. Let our people work.

I don’t say this for me. I AM working. We could do the show like this indefinitely. Or I could do other things, if they fire me. Radio is firing a lot of people, don’t be surprised if it happens. But I am working, so this is not my personal beef.

It’s worrying me to see the “new normal”: people being told to stay home, the idea of not working made fun and cool. All my life I believed the opposite. All my life, you wanted to work. To earn. To excel. If you didn’t, there was something wrong with you.

Plus, we are panicking people so badly that I wonder if they will “come back” when told that they may. You’ve heard me predict that we *should* have a robust recovery comprised of pent-up demand and liquidity. I’m still fairly sure of it.

Sometimes, though, I wonder.

Dr. Fauci speculates that life may not entirely return to normal. What does that mean? A vaccine is a long way off, or might actually never happen. Many viruses do not have vaccines.

I’m all for better stockpiles, a “medicine-chest American supply chain”, handwashing—but all of this is only worth doing if we come back.

And get back to work.

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