Not That You Asked, But My Advice For Trumpers

I’m saying this seriously.

Pencil-in Donald J. Trump as the 45th President until we see what happens with this effort to peel away “faithless electors on December 19. There’s desperation, pressure and money in play, and it’s not just rioters who won’t accept this (apparent) election result. After the 19th, you can breathe a little easier. But only a little.

If you dont like what you see in these pro-Hillary, anti-Trump temper tantrums with their misspelled signs, crude ideas (“Rape Melania”) and non-stop whining, remember it, don’t match it.  Keep your sense of humor. Smile like your candidate won. Laugh along with the comedians’ jibes and SNL sketches, because you only get them for being a winner.

Dave Chappelle’s monologue is actually worth watching, to give you an honest, different perspective. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to even watch it. Just remember what happened to the side in this last election who shut out every voice and poll they didn’t like. Don’t be those guys.

Recognize that, aside from the Soros-choreographed rioters, the “Occupy” alumni, and the pajama-clad Young Democrats who apparently thought they’d never lose an election—there actually ARE some of your fellow Americans who are distraught by Trump or worried about what he’ll do. You can listen to them, reason with them, and even allow that none of us knows for sure exactly what this president will do. Respect that they are where you were eight years ago, perhaps. Don’t unfriend them. You never know when some agreement might break out.

My own hunch is that President Trump will be more of a technocrat, interested in economics and processes of government. I think his team will want to de-regulate on behalf of growth (Rand Paul thinks so too, incidentally), not re-litigate social issues. Just a guess, though.

Speaking of your fellow Americans, Gregg Popovich is one of them, but just one of them. He’s one of the best coaches in history, but his political analysis is just that of one person. Losing your mind over him speaking his is not a good look for you. Shake it off. Keep rooting for the Spurs. Don’t deny yourself that.

From what I read, the Clinton/DNC postmortem is that they were just fine, and it was everyone else’s fault they lost. If they are really that delusional, they are in for some hard times, but they will spread that misery around any way they can. Starting with the electors.

So, for now, smile, laugh, pray, read and keep up—and most of all, be a “happy warrior” for how you voted and what you believe.

Trump’s “silent voters” need not—in fact, cannot—stay silent now.




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