Now, A Couple Of Items From the Police Log

The children, apparently, don’t exist. Thank God.

SAPD confirmed to KTSA News that two children, aged 2 and 4, thought to have been in a carjacked Chevy on the East Side, weren’t. says the woman who reported the ‘jacking told conflicting stories, didn’t give a true name and not only did not have children with her, but is not known to have kids at all. She was meeting men she’d connected with online.

Meeting them at 3 A.M. With her kids, or so she said.

I’m sure you heaved a sigh of relief at the way it turned out, but let’s remember something: For the better part of a day, officers had to act in good faith, putting in the legwork and effort for these kids. For cops who are also parents, their hearts were in their throats, at least initially.

This is a part of policing we forget about. Not only does every shortcoming of the social order fall on their shoulders, but every attention-starved soul somehow weaves a 9-1-1 call into their kooky plans.

On the other hand, Castle Hills P.D. should be commended for…thoroughness.

Express-News reporter Caleb Downs, again on the police beat, tells the story of a early morning chase from the Oblate Drive/Blanco Road area into East French Place, where five people from the speeding car were apprehended on foot.

At least they were carpooling. Looks like Ron Nirenberg is already improving traffic congestion.

Take it away, Caleb:

“…police arrested all five people, which included two men and three women. Police said the driver was in possession of meth and one of the women had stashed pot in her genitals.”

They don’t say where Meth Boy was keeping his stash. Seems sexist.

Don’t remember this particular plot twist with Reed and Malloy on “Adam-12”.




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