Oak pollen brings misery to allergy sufferers

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Chances are you or someone you know is coughing and sneezing and has a stuffy nose. Those symptoms could be related to oak pollen, which was high Monday at 9600.  You can see the pollen on car windshields all around town.

KTSA’s Gardening Show host Bob Webster believes part of the blame is all the rain we had last fall.

“The trees really soaked up a lot of moisture and this is the time of the year they respond. If you give them good conditions in the fall, they respond in the spring with heavy pollen production,” said Webster.

He said the fall of 2018 was one of the best we’ve had in years for wildflowers, grass and trees.

“They’re thanking us for it now by making us miserable,” said Webster.

But as you sweep, or shovel the oak tree “worms” off your porch, decks and sidewalks, there’s some hope.

“The good news is it’s almost over. Another good rain or two will wash that pollen out and we’ll put it all behind us,” said Webster.

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