Watching the American left in action these days is watching the conflation of “tolerance” with “obedience”.

Feels funny to say or type the o-word, unless you’re referring to dog training, or small children, but there’s a monomaniacal insistence on every issue, every gesture and every moment.

Case in point: the hockey player who didn’t wish to wear the “pride night” practice jersey.

For a population (gay Americans) who principally want to live free and be accepted for who they love, it’s odd how their supposed “defenders” insist on total, absolute obedience on points like the rainbow logo. How about we agree that a staple of American life is liberty, and when you’re defending yours, trampling someone else’s is a weird look. I’m pretty sure the majority of gay people would agree, albeit silently.

Many on the left do this on every issue, with new rules arriving daily: Rip out that gas stove, you baby killer! We’ve added that to the mono-viewpoint on things like abortion, immigration and climate change—excuse me, “climate justice!”

Who would ever vote to put people like this in charge, except other people like them?

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