I love my country, but loathe her political parties. They are garbage.

For example, the Democrats have framed the election as “saving our democracy” from “MAGA Republicans”, right?

Except for this: by the calculations of the Washington Post, practically a DNC newsletter, the party has sprayed out $53M in cross-party donations to MAGA GOP primary candidates perceived to be easy-to-defeat in a general election.  Get ’em nominated, then knock ’em off in November.

So these donations, admittedly a fraction of total expenditures, are going to the “worst” Republicans in order to save the butts of vulnerable Democrats.

If you really believed the “threats to democracy” framing, you would never, ever risk even one of these people potentially winning, as undoubtedly a few of them will.

“Threat to democracy” just means “threat to Democratic majority”. And anything goes.

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