It’s become the new spot in Dallas for the ultimate selfie and now some people want to save the “Leaning Tower of Dallas.”

CBS Dallas reports that an online petition has been created to save what’s left of the former office building by making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Texas Historic Landmark.

According to the petition, keeping the building would prevent more overpriced housing and add character to the area. The petition says toppling the

Tower would “make way for even more hideous shops and condos for the bourgeois residents of Uptown Dallas.”

As of 5:30a A.M. Wednesday, some 300 people had signed it. The stated goal is 500.

While the part of the 11-story office building is still standing, at an angle, despite multiple attempts to bring it down, it isn’t expected to be there much longer:

The demolition company says it’s bringing in a crane and wrecking ball this week to take the building down.

The latest implosion try went awry Sunday.

But Sunday’s failure became Monday’s internet sensation, as crowds flocked to see the building frozen mid-demolition.

The stubborn leftover is the core shaft that contained the elevator and stairwells, according to Lloyd B. Nabors Demolition.

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