Only The Names Have Been Changed

After expending himself yelling at the Congress and cameras for an hour Thursday night, Joe Biden apologized.


To MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, who teed it up for him, prompting the president to say he certainly hadn’t meant to call the illegal who allegedly killed Laken Riley in Georgia “an illegal”. Joe contritely concurred, saying “I should have said “undocumented”.

To me, “undocumented” always sounds like you lost the papers for closing on your house or something.

Find me a place where the NewSpeak words are thriving, and I’ll show you an old problem not getting solved.

In Rhode Island, we’ve got a new Democrat title for illegal alien: “unlawfully present” was the description from WPRI-TV after a Honduran guy was picked up for murder, having previously been deported in January 2023.

Unlawfully present. Wow.

Our problem with illegal immigration is not the confusing terminology.  Call ’em like you see ’em: 

Misplaced individual?

Nomadic outdoorsman?

Non-doctors without borders?

Sovereignty denier?

Pre-Democratic voter?

What else can we redefine from our every day?

Overdue library books could be “un-reshelved”.

Bad checks could be “omnibus spending bills”.

Muggings could be “universal basic pocket change”.

Socialism could be “student loan debt forgiveness”, etc., etc.

Go forth and rename.



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