SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The man who took us for a ride on the “Crazy Train” has revealed he’s dealing with a serious health crisis.

Ozzy Osbourne tells “Good Morning America” that he’s battling Parkinson’s Disease.

The 71 year old singer spoke to Robin Roberts about how the disease is impacting his life, telling her that 2019 was the most painful and miserable year of his life.

He says a fall in his bathroom resulted in the cancellation of his world tour.

“When I had the fall…it was pitch black…I went to the bathroom. I fell….I just fell and landed in just a slam on the floor. I remember thinking…well…you’ve done it now.”

The fall was severe enough to shake lose some of the metal rods Osbourne has in his body from an earlier accident.

Osbourne says he is taking physical and occupational therapy classes but the progress is slow.

His latest album “Ordinary Man” is being released next month.

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