SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) —  February 19, 1982.

A drunk rock star is walking the streets of San Antonio. He’s  wearing his wife’s dress.. and he decides to answer the call of nature.. near the most treasured landmark in Texas.

For years the rumor was that Ozzy Osbourne relieved himself on the Alamo.

He didn’t.

He actually urinated on the Cenotaph.  When you think about who the Cenotaph was still a bad judgement call.

Ozzy was arrested for Public Intoxication and paid a 40 bond. He performed at Hemisfair that night but he was actually banned from ever playing in San Antonio again.

He came back in 1992 after apologizing and making a donation to the Daughters of the Texas Republic.

Ozzy returned to the Alamo in 2015 to film an episode of his reality show. He actually got to tour the shrine and again apologized for the 1982 incident.

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