SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Animal Care Services is investigating two eerily similar cases of puppy cruelty in San Antonio over the past few weeks.

Photo: Animal Care Services

The department said Thursday the suspects in each of the cases crudely sliced the ears off their young pit bull puppies themselves or through people who pitched themselves as being able to perform the services.

The first instance happened in the backyard of a home on San Antonio’s Eastside on March 14th.  In that case, a puppy named Jefe had his ears removed with pruning shears.  The suspects in that case apparently performed the surgery after watching an online video providing guidance.

Photo: Animal Care Services

The second case happened around March 24th.  In that case, ACS said photos of the alleged incident done in a Westside home were posted to Facebook by the dog’s owner.  Investigators say the puppy, Sancho, was apparently sedated for the procedure and was left with bloodied ears after the surgery.

Both dogs were surrendered to Animal Care Services and are in otherwise good condition.

The suspects in each case are facing felony torture cases, which could net anyone involved a two-year term in a state-owned pen.

ACS is looking for any additional info on the puppies, their owners or the incidents.  Information can be shared by calling 3-1-1.

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