SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Earlier this week we reported on priest from Tennessee who banned Harry Potter books from a Catholic school’s library.

Reverend Dan Reehil says the curses and spells in the books are real, so he had the tomes taken away.

There’s a new development in the story.

Some parents with children enrolled at St. Edward Catholic School are talking about some of the reverend’s personality traits…Hogwarts and all.

A couple of years ago, they wrote a letter claiming Reehil is causing their children psychological and spiritual harm.

The letter came from 14 parents who pushed for Reehil’s removal form the school.

They wrote that Reehil is a “toxic narcissist”, that he hates Pope Francis and views himself as “a soldier of God.”

A spokesman for the Nashville Diocese says Reehil’s views are like those of a retired, more liberal pastor he replaced and that “both have homes in the church”.

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