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Pastor begs forgiveness for ancestors’ racist acts

Max Lucado leads Pray SA at Freeman Coliseum August 9,2020/Photo-Pray SA-Youtube

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – A local pastor and well-known author is apologizing for the racist acts of his ancestors.  Max Lucado got down on his knees and begged forgiveness during a drive-in prayer service Sunday evening outside  Freeman Coliseum.

“Our ancestors were wrong.  They were wrong when they bought and sold human beings,” said Lucado. “When they claimed superiority over slaves, over Blacks, that was wrong.”

The Oak Hills Church pastor also said it was “a sin” to refuse to share water fountains, restaurants and city buses with Blacks.

Lucado also called out racism in the Church.

“For those occasions where your church, your pastors have broken your heart by favoring one skin color over another, oh Lord God, have mercy on our souls,” he prayed. “How that must nauseate you, oh Lord.”

Lucado also apologized to Hispanics.

“I say I’m sorry to my brown brothers and my brown sisters, for Father, the word ‘wetback’ has found its way on my lips, too,”   he prayed.

Texas Christian Fellowship pastor Dorian Williams, who’s Black, called it a new day in San Antonio.  People in their cars honked their horns in approval.

“Never in my life have I ever seen a White person say to me, or even to my brown brothers and sisters, that ‘I’m sorry for what happened to your people,”‘ said Williams.

He told the crowd that no one is responsible for the sins of their fathers and mothers.

“Listen to me, White brothers and sisters.  We have to release you from sins you did not commit,” said Dorian.










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